What are the term times?
You can find our term dates here

When does the holiday club run?
You can find details for the holiday club here

How much notice do I give if I want to change the days my child attends?
This can be done immediately if the place required is available

Can I arrive early?
Unfortunately not, due to our ratios and staffing

What do I do if there’s an emergency and I can’t get there in time?
Ring Pre school Asap, you can find our contact details here


What are the rates for holiday club?/What are the rates for term time?
Our current rates and term dates can be found here

Do you accept childcare vouchers?
Yes, we will accept vouvhers from the majority of childcare voucher services

Do I get a discount if more than one of my children attends?
Unfortunately, no.

Is there a penalty for late pick up? If so how much?
We accept this can be unavoidable on a one off occasion, but if it becomes regular we have to charge for the lunch club or after school session it runs into.


Does the preschool employ a Senco?
Yes, you can find who our SENCO officer is here

How qualified are the staff?
All our staff qualifications are listed here

What is the OFSTED rating?
You can find our current OFSTED rating here, including a link to the report

What is the curriculum for 2, 3 and 4 year olds?
Details of the curriculum can be found here

What to bring

What do the children need to wear?
Clothes that are easy to manage for toileting and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or having paint on.

Do you help with toilet training?
We work with the parents to succeed

Do we need to bring nappies/wipes?
Yes, in a named bag. Please bring enough to cover what your child might need

Do we need to bring spare clothes?
Yes, in a named bag


Do you provide snacks? If so how many? When?
The children have access to a snack between 9.30 -and 10.30 and also between 1.15 and 2.15.

What do we need in our packed lunch?
We suggest a sandwich, fruit (cut appropriately to avoid choking hazard), cake or biscuit. Some children also enjoy crisps, yogurt and an alternative drink. Initially choose food you know your child enjoys and we ask that no sweets are included in the packed lunch.

Starting Pre School

Do you offer council funded places?
Yes, details of all funding can be found here

How do I book a place in the preschool?
Contact pre school and we will arrange for a registration form to be sent to you for you to complete. You can find our contact details here

Do I have to book a place in advance for my child to attend?


Do you have parents evening? If so when? How often?
We have parent consultation meetings before and after pre school sessions termites, however an open door policy means staff are always available for you to see, as is your child’s Learning Journey

Is there an area where my child can have a nap?
If a child is feeling sleepy, the soft cushions of the reading area are used for them to settle

Is the preschool a feeder for St Oswalds?
No. The Pre School is situated in St Oswalds C of E Primary School, but we remain independent from the school

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