Happy New Year to you all, and many thanks for all your Christmas wishes and generous gifts. We are looking forward to a fun filled 2016. We would like to welcome our new staff member Anna too, who will initially be working afternoon sessions.

NewsSnowThis term we are starting with ‘Frost and Ice’ – how do we cope, how do animals cope, do we have fun or do we prefer the summer sun?! There will be lots of new vocabulary, role play in our igloo and exploring change as we play with melting ice.

We will also be introducing the maths resource used through the school called Numicon. This is designed to help children understand connections between numbers. Through the multi-sensory activities in paint, playdough, sand and water and using mathematical language of Numicon, your child will develop the understanding and skills that underpin their later understanding of number. This will be in our Maths area so please take a look!

Don’t forget to check what our sound of the week is too. All children now have opportunity for up to two phonics sessions per week which they thoroughly enjoy, mainly listening games and making sounds themselves.


Don’t forget, we go out to play whatever the weather! Warm coats, hats , gloves and wellies needed this term!

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