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About Fulford Pre School

Fulford Pre School has been part of the community for over 30 years and is a Registered Charity (No.1171257). We are registered with OFSTED as a Day Care provider and are insured for 26 children.  We are also members of the Pre School Learning Alliance (PLA). 

The Pre School is situated in St Oswalds C of E Primary School, although we remain independent from the school. Term-time sessions are available for all children from 2 to 5 years old.


Our Aims

At Fulford Pre School we aim to create a caring, secure and stimulating environment where all children will enjoy learning, achieve success and feel valued and respected.

We aim to nurture each child’s uniqueness and individuality as they work towards common goals within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We are committed to providing a high level of care and education for all our children and are constantly looking at and implementing ways to move the setting forward.

We aim to be the number one choice for parents in the Fulford area.

Voted GOOD by our local education authority

Our Rooms & Facilities

Months Old

Class Size

Mud Kitchen

Where all manner of delicious dishes and potions are concocted..

Months Old

Class Size

Snack Time

Healthy foods are available at snack time

Months Old

Class Size

Mark Making

The children enjoy open access to all writing and mark making equipment

Months Old

Class Size

Outdoor Area

The children have free flow access to our secure outdoor area

Months Old

Class Size

Reading Area

The children have access to books and stories all the time

Months Old

Class Size


The children enjoy free flow access to all our ICT equipment.

Staff And Committee

Here at Fulford Pre School, we have a strong team of friendly and dedicated staff.

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Fulford Pre School is a registered charity run by an elected parent/carer Committee, with an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held once a year and monthly Committee meetings.

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Your Children

We work in partnership with you and your child to ensure their development is as exciting, varied and progressive as possible. Each child is unique and requires individual care as they develop skills and knowledge, following the path of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). 

Children who begin their education in a learning environment that is vibrant, purposeful, challenging and supportive stand the best chance of developing into confident and successful learners (EYFS 2007). Effective learning environments are created over time, as Pre School staff, Key person, and parents/carers work together, thinking and talking about children’s learning and planning how to promote it. 

A Typical Day

07.45 – Breakfast Club
8.45 – Morning Session – Doors open – self registration
9.00 – Gate Locked
– Registration and circle time (2 groups) – what are we doing today?
9.15 – Continuous Provision, including focus activity

Key Workers

Each child is allocated a Key Person who takes responsibility for your child’s development and is your main point of contact. The Key Person provides you with an insight into the day to day experiences of your child, by collecting different pieces of creative work, photographs and observations. This information is gathered into an individual Personal Book which is updated regularly, and shared with you and your child. 

Learning Journey

All children at the Pre School have a learning journey book which observes their experiences. Although it is mainly kept at Pre school it does belongs to the Parents/carers and the child. Over time it will tell a story about a child – their learning, friends and the activities that they enjoy.
Staff watch and notice each child at play, helping us to understand and support their individual well-being and development

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities


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